June 2018 - Lynne Rowe from The Wool Nest!

Hi, I’m Lynne from The Woolnest and I love to knit, crochet and create and to share my skills so that you can create beautiful things to be proud of. I can’t wait to host my Mindful Crochet workshop for the Crochet Sanctuary.

I'm a freelance knitting and crochet designer, technical editor and author and I can't imagine a day without picking up my needles or hook and creating something fab and funky.

I learned the basics when I was a small girl, from my lovely Nan who crocheted so fast that I was totally mesmerised by her hook swiftly zipping in and out of her work. I still learn new things every week either from others in person, or online, even if it’s just a better way to fasten off, or a simpler way to create patterns and textures. Learning new skills also opens up new pathways in your brain and can stimulate the growth of new brain cells, so it’s great that learning to knit and crochet can help you keep an active mind as you grow older.

I love to create designs that help you relax and de-stress. These include simple, rhythmic and meditative stitches that can help you maintain your focus and improve your well-being. If you come along to my Mindful Crochet workshop, I will teach you beneficial exercises that will help you to become a more mindful crocheter and ultimately help you to use your crafting as a tool to de-stress. We’ll play with colour and find our favourite mindful stitch and crochet a soothing mandala to crochet ourselves calm.

I love to blog at www.thewoolnest.blogspot.co.uk and run a website at www.knitcrochetcreate.com where you can subscribe and keep up-to-date with my offers and classes. I’m @the_woolnest on Instagram and would love you to join me.

I can’t wait to meet you all at The Crochet Sanctuary and share my approach to mindful crochet.

Lynne xx

April 2018 - Amanda Bloom from Little Box of Crochet!

We are absolutely delighted to announce, that the one and only Amanda Bloom will be hosting a workshop for us at the April Crochet Sanctuary!  This lady is just fabulous and extremely talented!  For those that haven't heard of Little Box of Crochet before, firstly where have you been?!  Secondly Little Box of Crochet is the most fabulous box delivered to your door monthly, it includes beautiful yarns, amazing patterns by very well known designers, crochet hook, always a cute gift or two, and a stitch marker by Koru Clay Studio, we have been subscribers of these boxes since we started to crochet, to find out more about Little Box of Crochet visit www.littleboxofcrochet.co.uk anyway, Amanda will be hosting a workshop for us which we are just a tad excited about, for an opportunity to see us starstruck book now!

February 2018 - Eleonora Tully from Coastal Crochet!

Hi, my name is Eleonora and I’m really looking forward to hosting workshops for the Crochet Sanctuary. I am passionate about crochet! I have crocheted for many years having initially learnt in my childhood and more recently undertaking the International Diploma in Crochet. As a result my crochet designs are very varied and I have enjoyed using a variety of crochet techniques including Tunisian crochet, Broomstick crochet and Filet crochet. I love sharing my passion for crochet with others and enjoy teaching in crochet classes. I have designed and made stool covers, blankets, bags, decorative wall hangings and flowers to name just a few and I will be designing and sharing a pattern exclusively for the Crochet Sanctuary in my workshop as part of the weekend.

I live near the sea along the south coast of England and am constantly inspired by my coastal surroundings. I have combined my love of crochet and the sea and write a crochet blog called ‘Coastal Crochet’ www.coastalcrochet.com as well as running @coastalcrochet on Instagram which has enabled me to connect with so many people who share a love for crochet from all around the world.

I can’t wait to meet you all and share my love of crochet with you…

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